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Numbers Symbolics: Numbers from 10 to 19

Everyday we meet numbers which play significant role in our lives. In that sense, the symbolic meaning and influence on our lives may have the numbers relating to our shoe size, postal code, number of the house or building we live in, phone numbers, car registration, etc. Those can be either lucky or unlucky numbers. We should find out more about them and try to change them if they are unlucky.

10 - Number ten symbolizes great strength and creative energy we can use to accomplish our aims. However, this energy may transform from positive to negative and become easily the energy of destruction. We should use it carefully in order to avoid problems and conflicts.

11 - This number brings a lot of temptations and dangers. There is often a conflict between the people's interests and they cannot manage their problems effectively.

12 - One should learn on one's own mistakes. One should give selflessly to others. In the majority of cases, this person is a victim. They always solve others problems. They are rewarded only at the end.

13 - These people should not waste their energy doing several jobs at the same time. They should focus only on one and plan how to do it. They will experience a lot of hard work, conflicts and problems. They should try to avoid shortcuts since it will not be helpful.

14 - These people will learn how strong they are, which will be useful for the constant changes and unpredictable events in life. They will travel a lot and meet new people. This number points also to various dangers.

15 - These people possess strength and power and they can easily influence others. This magnetism reflects their positive energy. They are artistic and attractive and this will bring them pleasure.

16 - This number points to many difficult decisions. There are many negative waves around this number that also cause problems in the surroundings. There is the possibility of accidents, disasters, dangers, etc.

17 - Everything is black or white for these people. There is no middle way. Their life can be either very happy and materially secure or rather unhappy and poor. Everything depends on them. They will show their abilities in some situations in their life.

18 - These people should not trust others easily. Some people close to them may try to cheat and deceive them. This is why they have to be very careful when choosing friends and business partners, especially when choosing their love partners.

19 - The period of happiness is possible without conflicts or problems. Material situation is stable and these people are socially respected. They achieve everything with their own effort.

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